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The FIVES Story
Once upon a time, we watched our kids play with toys...​


And all three were frustrated because it was hard to make anything big when the pieces are so small. They wanted to build and interact! To make something HUGE!


As we brainstormed solutions, we drew on our interest in plastics, and more specifically, our passion for addressing the problem of plastic pollution.​

FIVES are made from 100% recycled polypropylene, sourced from the Pacific Northwest. In collaboration with our sister company, Remix Materials, we are creating a world in which plastics do not accumulate in landfills and oceans. A world where, once discarded, plastics take on a new life, and this cycle continues: a closed-loop plastic recycling system. FIVES are the beginning.

Not only are they planet-conscious, they're FUN!


FIVES let kids (and grown-up kids) make artwork to interact with: Hang up your creation! Walk on it! Jump on it! Build a road—or a city—and drive your cars on it! We have loved watching our kids embrace FIVES and delight in showing us their floor- and wall-covering designs.

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