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Questions? We've got answers!

  • Why "FIVES"?
    We wanted a large-scale building toy that required a child's whole hand—all five fingers—to manipulate. Thus, FIVES!
  • What age are FIVES intended for?
    Kids 3+ love playing with FIVES! The toy is different for different ages. For our 3-year old, connecting the FIVES is a spatial puzzle. She can build designs with help, but mostly, she just enjoys making big builds and jumping from one to the next. Our older kids (8 and 11) are more focused on design, and they build pictures related to their interests: dolphins, fighter planes, video game characters, etc. We've been impressed with what they've come up with (often better than our own designs!), and they glow with pride as we display their artwork in our living room.
  • I've seen lots of mosaic toys; how are these different?
    Many toys let you create mosaics but none are on this scale. Each tile is 2.75" square, and for example, only 100 FIVES create a 28" square. I.e., you can create artwork that's BIG. Decorate a wall, or cover a floor! The unique interlocking sides make the mosaics robust enough to jump on. To PLAY on.
  • Aren't plastic toys bad for the environment?
    Some are, but not these! Our objective in creating these tiles was to address the problem of plastic pollution, not contribute to it. FIVES are made from 100% recycled polypropylene (tested and confirmed as safe for children). In collaboration with our sister company, Remix Materials, we are creating a closed-loop plastic recycling method for FIVES and other plastics.
  • Where are FIVES made?
    FIVES are proudly made in Boise, Idaho, using 100% recycled polypropylene sourced in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Are FIVES safe for kids?
    Yes! FIVES have been tested and certified in accordance with: • CPSIA and CA Prop 65 for total lead and phthalates • ASTM F693-17 for (1) total heavy metals and (2) physical and mechanical testing.
  • My organization is tax-exempt; how should I place an order?
    Please send us an email ( and let us know what you'd like to order. We'll generate an invoice (without tax) with a link for you to pay with a credit card.
  • We had some fun outside and now the FIVES are dirty. What's the best way to clean them?
    FIVES are dishwasher safe, so pop 'em in, wash, and then enjoy your mud-free FIVES again!
  • We've used dry-erase markers on the FIVES, but some of the marker is leaving a haze. What's the best way to clean it off?
    Fresh dry-erase marker wipes off easily. More stubborn spots generally come off with either (i) soap and water, or (ii) isopropanol (or sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer). For the toughest spots, we turn to a Magic Eraser--it's like, well, magic!
  • My child made a really neat picture; can we show you?
    Of course—we'd love to see it! Please email us ( or tag us (@fivesbesquare).
  • There's an issue with the order I received. What should I do?
    Please contact us at within 7 business days of shipment delivery.
  • What is your shipping policy?
    We offer free standard ground shipping for all orders. Shipping and handling fees will apply if you choose a shipping option other than standard ground.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We are currently shipping only to locations within the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii. International shipping will be available soon.
  • What is your return policy?
    We accept returns of products in new, unused condition and in their original packaging. Returns must be initiated within 14 days of delivery.
  • How do I return an item?
    Email us at to initiate a return or exchange. A few additional details: • A flat $11.98 shipping will apply for all returns and exchanges. • Once your request has been received, we will e-mail you with additional information regarding the return and refund process. • The refund will be issued after the return has been received and inspected.
  • How do I cancel an order?
    If you wish to cancel an order, please email us ( within 24 hours of placing your order.
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